Posted by: Delene | August 25, 2012

Kalk Bay to Seal Island.

It was a perfect sunny winter’s day in Kalk Bay.  We went with Chad in his boat to see Seal Island. It was very exciting to see whales from the ocean on our way to Seal Island.

There are hundreds of seals in and out of the water.  Plenty of  food for sharks.   The island rock has no beach so the baby seals often cannot get out of the water. The adults catch a wave and arrive safely on the rocks.  We went around the island twice.  There were sea gulls, comorants, and a few penguins. The sea was shallow in the north side of the island but we did not see any sharks or big fish.     The trip took about two and a half hours.  We were very glad that we took this trip which we arranged on the day by phoning Chad 0721472555

We purchased  Fish and Chips and Calamari from Kalkies in the harbour and enjoyed it  on the rocks on the Fish Hoek side of the harbour.  The seagulls ate too!!!





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